All for the Love of Art

Hi folks!

I’m willing to teach basics of visual arts (portraits, landscape, still life, etc), media arts and accepting commissions for both genre. You can send your questions and requests through dm. I can show you my on-going artworks and those that I finished.

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An Open Letter For Those That Are Hurting

Are hurting and broken within? Are you overwhelmed by the weight of disappointments, loss, failures and heartbreak? You are not alone.

Ito ba yung parang may bigat na batong nakapatong sa dibdib mo? Na sobrang bigat na parang di ka na makahinga? Yan ba yung hindi ka naman sinapak, hindi ka naman binubog, sa puso lang naman yung tama pero ramdam mo sa buong katawan yung sakit. Yan ba yung sana lamunin ka nalang ng lupa, sana mawala ka nalang kaso kahit yun bawal diba? Ito ba yung di ka pa nakakadilat naririnig mo na yung boses ng paulit ulit, pa sakit ng pasakit? ( My Perfect You)

Pain demands to be felt. It’s inevitable. It’s impossible for a person to live a life without experiencing emotional distress. When we’re in pain, we tend to exhale positivity and inhale excessive amount of negativity. They say pain comes in all forms. It present itself differently. Your pain is different from my pain. There are pain you can easily identify,pain you can tolerate and pain you can’t just ignore. There are pain that are greater than other kinds of pain and sometimes pain is the reason why we’re afraid to be happy and why people change.

Pain is real. But so is hope.

The good thing about experiencing this kind of feeling is that it gives you the opportunity to be the hero in your own story. It gives you the opportunity to be braver and to be more courageous. It presents your weakness so you can find your strength. Sometimes God will put a Goliath in your life for you to find the David within you. He will not let you be in pain if he knows you can’t get through it. He knows how strong you are and you have to believe that you’re greater than your emotion even if sometimes it feels like you’re not. Happiness awaits you every single day. As cliche as it sounds, happiness is a choice.

The battle through pain is a process. Don’t expect it to happen overnight. Everyday is a challenge of finding what could really make you achieve the happiness you truly deserve. It’s hard but it’s worth it. The pain that you’ve been feeling can’t compare to the joy that’s coming. Help yourself and ask God for help. There’s no harm in praying. Life is hard and you knew that already so don’t make it harder by choosing to live in pain. Take some time alone and think about the things that made grateful and use that as a start up point. Get up and enjoy the roller coaster ride. Never get tired of making yourself happy. Life after all is about finding what stirs your heart, challenging possibilities, bending and breaking, building an empire, falling in love, running away and finally coming back.

The One With The “Light” Presence

Have you ever met someone with a light kind of presence? Someone who soothes the mood of the space around you and a head turner who does not carry arrogance but humility? Because I have.

If I’m being honest, I wasn’t dazzled by his appearance and definitely not by how he was described. There’s an uncertainty and I believe that it’s really important to know the person first before you can agree or say something about him. So the idea was just that, just pure familiarity. It was like looking at a sunflower. Standing still yet brilliantly golden.

You’re lucky if you’ve met someone like him. Someone who inspires you to do the same. They will remind you that you also have the kind of warmth you can share and even if you’re sinking, you can always choose happiness. That not all things comes from power or position or money or even physical beauty. It comes from being a person of integrity, trying to do the right thing with a desire to serve others selflessly.  It’s their intention that attracts you.

You can be that person too! Wake up with a grateful heart and start your day with the intention of giving smile to the world. Do things that will make you feel genuinely happy. Learn to love yourself so you can love others.

The Rationale Behind

I don’t know why on earth I wrote you a letter. As I traveled through the depths of my brain and wandered through my heart I have found few reasons why.

First reason, I think it’s easier to express myself through writing or through arts. I’m not good in public speaking. I stutter, and I can’t gather my thoughts in a snap. I need some time to think, to jot down everything then organize it. But I can participate on class discussions. It’s just that I find it risky sometimes if I say all things I have in mind. Second, even if I wanted to, I don’t think I can tell you these things in person. I’m not the kind of person who will just barge in. Third, we don’t know each, you only know my name and I only know your name but the funny thing is that I’m not afraid to write something like this. Lastly, I think it’s my love of writing, reading letters and receiving them.

I thank God because you have received the letter! I’m sorry if it took me days to finally tell you who really the sunflower emoji is. Im sorry if I was hiding behind anonymity and keep on asking you random questions. Im sorry if I disappointed you, or you’ve (maybe) mistaken me for someone else. I’m sorry if you have reacted negatively on some of my god-knows-what questions. I honestly have no intention on hiding, playing games with you, it’s just that I’m making sure you really got the letter, read them and saw every detail of my mistakes: misspelled, misused words and surface errors in grammar.

Im writing this to thank you for having a light presence that radiates. I may not know you personally but I believe you have a warm heart for everyone. It’s indeed a tough year. Let’s not hide the scars that we have for it represents how we were able endure and conquer everything. Let’s continue to be grateful! To whatever’s hurting you or making you feel sad this year, consider it done! To the people who made you happy this year, keep them until next year and years to come! I hope you have found the things you’ve been looking for and achieved the things you want to achieve.